Faces Behind The Brand

Funda Yunusoglu - Founder of Balarya Traditional Peshtemals

Arya & Funda Yunusoglu

The Story

Balarya is a New Jersey-based, small family business founded, owned and operated by Funda Yunusoglu. The idea behind Balarya fell into her head around the time she had her first child and wanted something soft and supple, absorbent yet quick to dry to swaddle her baby with after baths. Deciding on traditional Turkish bath towels (foutas or peshtemals if you will) and seeing how perfectly they fit the description, she adapted the very same towels to her everyday life in no time. That’s how and when she came up with the idea of founding Balarya to serve as a bridge sharing these not-so-well-known towels of the old world with the new world.

The Name

The name Balarya is simply made-up by combining the Turkish word ‘Bal’ and the name ‘Arya’ – former meaning ‘honey’ and the latter the name of Funda Yunusoglu’s daughter. A rough translation would be ‘Sweet Arya’ – which is pretty much how the little one is called by her mom.


We are committed to environmentally sustainable business practices at all stages – making the right choices to protect our children’s future. We support the preservation of resources, ensuring our products, packaging and operations are safe for both our consumers and the environment.

We also take pride in seeking and only choosing to work with like-minded suppliers and who are actively engaged in environmental protection in all their operations.

Sustainable Business Practice - Balarya Peshtemals